All About Bianca


It’s about doing.  It’s about decorating.  It’s about crafting.  It’s about cooking.  It’s about hosting.  It’s about fun.

It’s about ….. LIVING

and it’s all about being bianca.

Bianca is that overzealous, type A, go getter, Martha wanna be, over-achieving, style conscious, serial decorator, enthusiastic hostess, semi-crafty gal in all of us that’s just itching to get out.  Share in the mis-adventures, musings and fun as we explore little every day ways to be bianca.

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3 thoughts on “All About Bianca

    • I LOVE his standup routine. I have seriously watched the Mr Universe special on various flights no less than 20 times and I laugh hysterically (which causes other passengers to stare!) xx, b

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