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DECOR: The Kitchen Dining Reveal

If memory serves, I think this is my very first room reveal show and tell at the “new” house!  I told y’all it wouldn’t be too terribly long and I didn’t even fib on that, did I?  We have been calling this new house home for about four months now and between the snow storms and heat waves; I’ve managed to get all some of the decor in order!  Let’s take a gander at the kitchen, specifically the dining area of the eat in kitchen.  I finished (well, I’m never really finished) this space a week ago and am just in love.

Say “hello” to Colby … that is him tucked under the dining chair on the right.  He sleeps there most days and I’m pretty sure he strategically sought out that spot so he could be on the scene the moment dinner is served!

kitchen 1

Looking in from this angle, you can catch a quick glimpse of my antique egg prints that I displayed on a reclaimed board in the family room.  I just love the way that project turned out (deets over here)

In the foreground, my seagrass barstools are still holding strong at the kitchen breakfast bar and I kept the same mercury glass pendant lights from Ballard Designs over the counter area, too.    The dining space in this pic is actually designed to be a keeping room.  You know … sofa or settee, a chair or two, etc.

Well, since it made absolutely no sense to setup camp for another sitting area just steps from our crash zone family room (and about five more steps to a formal living room); I had the idea to turn the keeping room into an oversized dining space.  Well, I say “no sense” except for the very convincing idea Dear Hubs had of “how cool would it be” to sit in the sitting room and watch tv in both rooms; or vice versa.  Really?  Oh my stars … now you see what I’m dealing with folks?  Besides that fact, the reality was that the “real kitchen table area” is just smack in the middle of the traffic flow from our back porch.  So … my dining keeping idea won out!

In my mind’s eye, I saw a beautiful, rustic space with an oversized hutch, lots of warmth from natural elements, soothing neutral colors and tons of southern charm.  I wanted it to be casual but refined.  And of course, we have to be cautious that it’s livable … I mean, y’all … we USE this space and I had to make sure that Lil B, guests and such would feel comfortable eating a bowl of Cheerios or a steak here!

kitchen 3

We bought this table and the black chairs years ago; like almost ten years ago, and it’s still holding up pretty well.  We used it in our last house and I managed to find the extra leaf in the basement upon our move so I popped that in to make it even bigger.  Since I know that keeping a table in pristine condition with littles running around is basically impossible; I opted to carry it forward to this space.  My goal was to soften it a bit with the surrounding elements (and save some money not needing a new table!) so I recovered the seats with a new soft blue scene fabric and I added a rustic olive basket full of cotton blossoms as the centerpiece.  I picked up every branch I could get my hands on back at Scott’s Antique market a few months ago and I had NO clue where I would put them.  I tossed them in the basket and realized I just loved the look; only trouble is that they are a bit fragile so it works out pretty well as a centerpiece as opposed to in a higher traffic area.

Now, we will get to that cabinet in a moment … but just one or two other gems to share, first.  Notice the fixture?  Yep … it’s the same one I picked up on sale at Ballard Designs that we hung it in the dining room at first … but now we have moved it to this space.  The reality is that she’s a BIG girl fixture and it looked out of proportion over my dining table that has a more classic, traditional style.  I decided to not add shades on the candle sticks but did add a burlap chandelier cover on the chain.    I just love the way it looks here.

It may seem strange to some, but in our house it is a common occurrence that there are 2 TVs going during the breakfast rush at any given time.  I have a hard and fast rule of “no TV” at dinner, but most mornings the enforcer hasn’t had enough coffee to fight the battle.  The far wall in this space was perfect for a TV.  It’s away from the windows so there is no glare, it’s not really useful for much else and best of all; we had the TV already.  Now, I don’t know about you but it felt strange to just hang a giant TV next to the kitchen table for the world to see, so we set out to create a distraction.  On a chance trip to the Pottery Barn outlet (looking for something entirely different, mind you), I found this riddling rack.  And who would have thought … it was actually a TV cabinet too!  The riddling rack is actually two doors that hinge out so the TV sits just behind them.  PERFECTO!

kitchen 4

The hutch is a new purchase.  After looking high and low only to realize it would take at least TWO “normal” sized hutches to fill this space and make it look proper; I was introduced to this hutch by designer Kim from BCD Designs and Manoirs.  I had told her I loved the look of those Restoration Hardware pieces (sans the 50 lb catalogue!) but hadn’t seen “the right one”.  She found a California based furniture company that works with reclaimed wood in their designs … and this is it.  Love at first sight!

Not only is there tons of storage (and empty space) in the cabinet below, I filled the oversized glass chest with my white dishes, a few serving pieces, silver accents and some of my cookbooks.  Hot tip … to disguise all those cookbook covers, I flipped the outer jackets that come with the book cover inside out for those that had jacket covers.  For those that didn’t, I just covered in white wrapping paper.

The little houses in the cabinet are famous southern homes from Savannah.  Bestie M, who hails from Savannah, introduced me to these forever and ever ago and I bought them on one of our shopping trips through town.

kitchen 5

On both sides of the hutch, I framed large giclee heron swamp birds in a wooden frame with a thick double mat.  I originally hung these in my bedroom flanking the king size bed but on a whim moved them to this space and haven’t looked back (now what to hang by my bed ….).

The frames and the window treatments really cozy up the space.  I took down the plantation blinds off the kitchen windows and hung bamboo shades from Lowe’s instead.  The curtains are a soft linen fabric that bring just the right bit of texture and simple interest to the space.  Since there are five really large windows in the kitchen, the natural light here is fantastic and I love being able to see right out into the backyard.

Oh … I completely forgot, the hostess parsons chairs on the ends of the table from Ikea.  Yes, y’all … Ikea.  These are the Henriksdal chairs with the white slip covers.  I bought extra white covers in case we need to toss these in the wash and I also got a set or two to monogram for holidays.  But, hey … for $29 each … not a bad thing to overbuy!

kitchen 6kitchen 7

Now … that space that was supposed to be the “kitchen table space” has actually flip flopped and become my sitting area.  An antique wooden table sits by the backdoor and on the other side of the door sits this winged back chair, ottoman and table.  Zsa Zsa loves to sit here and chat with me while I cook when she stops over; and I try to find a few minutes here and there to pop my feet up on that Union Jack stool and flip through the pages of a magazine.  The oyster shell DIY coastal lamp that I shared over here made its way to the table and it’s a perfect fit!

kitchen 2

And with that, y’all!  I think our first room reveal is complete!  There’s Colby again (this time facing the other way), I’m sure just waiting to see what I’m cooking up for next!









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