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INSPIRE: Best of June

Eeeek!  Well, I declare – Happy July, y’all!  I know it seems like I have been in the throws of one red, white and blue festivity or another … I have been!  And how terrible of me to have not done this prior; but I hope each of you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend full of fun with your family and friends!  We sure did; lake time, fish fry, bbq, gatherings with friends, neighborhood fireworks, family time, too much food, parties and more … oh my!  And, to top it off, we are mixing in some birthday fun for Lil B, too!  My little firecracker turned 3 this week!  (more on those festivities later!)

Here’s a sneak peek back at the most frequently viewed posts from June.  In case you missed some of the fun, be sure to catch up on these!

These 5 ingredient dog treats have been all the buzz this past month!  I will confess after a head cold kept me up all night watching infomercials and I caught one on some fancy dog food brand … I promptly started reading some things about what goes into dog food.  Let’s just say, I ordered the fancy food and I’m totally cleaning up the way we treat Dear Colby’s diet.  Oh lawzie, do you know what they put in that processed stuff????

5 ingredient dog treat, dog bones, homemade dog treats, for the pet, healthy dog snacks

Our Heathcliff home is now a blast from the past, it’s such fun to look at the decor there compared to the new house that’s in progress.  So much looks the same … and different!  Stay tuned, I promise new room reveals are coming!  Oh this porch … you were so loved.  (((I drove by today and the new owner has already damaged a screen … seriously???  how????)))

screened in porch decor, decorate an outdoor living space, patio, screened porch

Still on the decorating theme, these bedrooms in the Roswell Women’s Club show house are to die for!  I don’t know which one I would move into first!

Roswell Women's Club, Showcase house, guest bedroom decor, show home inspiration

Ok ok… I try to only list 3 each month but goodness pie … if you missed this one you simply must save it off in your files or Pinterest until next year!  We had such a hoot filling out this Father’s Day questionnaire with Lil B.  In case you are wondering, according to Lil B; he calls his daddy “dog”, his daddy loves “chicken nuggets” and drinks “iced tea”.  Be still my heart … so precious!

All about my dad, father's day, free printable, dad, gift for dad, card for dad, make for dad

Ok, y’all … that’s a wrap!  Until next time!





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