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DECOR: Decorating a Large Wall with Vinyl Stencils

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There are always too many projects to mention in progress around these parts.  And my home office is a great example of several that seem to just stay in progress looking for the finish line!

This space is mine … all mine!  (((Insert evil laugh))).  We have three home office spaces now; one work office for moi, one for Dear Hubs (that I have been forbidden to decorate) and one teeny tiny family office (aka the closet office or “cloffice”) that is home to my big, honking printer.  I’m designing my space to be fairly neutral, a mix of glam and coastal and totally feminine.  Oh…and as always …trying to “use what i have” whenever possible!

bird print, James Audubon pelican, swamp birds, DIY tutorial for framing, inexpensive framing options

As I mentioned when I shared how I crafted the run of the mill poster into a more fabulous work of art over here, I had a big wall to decorate.  Well, after looking at it for a few weeks … I knew I needed a little more glam to give some life to the space.  After all … this is MY space and the peanut gallery really never comes in here to see it, so I’m calling the shots.

To add some bling, I turned to my trusty Silhouette machine to cut some compass style stars in 3 inch and 5 inch size.  I found the design on the Silhouette store and knew it had a great shape.  After downloading, I just cranked out several sheets of them on gold vinyl.  Since I wanted this to look more subtle than a pattern, I just popped them straight on the wall gently in a random pattern prior to affixing them permanently.  One quick stand back and spot check look and I was almost done!  I used about 25 star shapes (8 large and the rest small) on the 13ish foot wall.

I’m sure under normal circumstances, gold would be a bit bold.  But, these walls are khaki color so the gold blends really well without being “too much”.  Seriously … I’m not sure I’ve ever met “too much” when it comes to gold!  🙂

Ok… in love.  It is just what the wall needed!  Here’s hoping I round up these office projects soon!







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