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MAKE: {Temporary} Yard Stars

I think it was around the time of Lil B’s first birthday (gasp … that was TWO years ago), I pitched painting a Twister game board on our lawn in spray paint.  Now, Dear Hubs takes his lawn maintenance very serious and this suggestion was met with an emphatic “no way”.  Through the years, I’ve pitched various similar shenanigans, like dousing the yard with baking flour to make it look painted white for football lines, etc.  Each time, a stern head shake “no” was the reply and I decided this was one topic best just to let him “win”.

Well, that changed when I saw these at the dollar store …

dollar store, baseball bases, diy, dollar store projects


In the toy section, they sell a set of foam baseball bases for $1.  No ladies, not bases like plant stands or candle bases;  think home base, first base … follow me?  That’s right, 4 bases plus a pitching rubber (smaller size) for $1.  Well, in attempt to not be glutenous but to give this idea a whirl, I tossed them right in my cart!

Those baseball bases became these …

yard stars, flour stars on yard, temporary stars, outdoor patriotic decor, 4th of July, memorial day, summer, star

Yep.  And easy to boot!  I printed out a template star (in MS Word) and traced the design onto the back of each of the bases in pencil.  A 6 inch star works just fine for the size of the base.  Then, I used regular old scissors to cut these out.  (((Nevermind the hours I wasted trying to get my Silhouette machine to cut it … epic fail.)))

yard star3

Since the design was only on one side, I just flipped the foam over to the “bottom” side and voila … the same look I was going for with flour, spray paint and whatever else … but I can pop them down and pick them up at will.  This is an idea Dear Hubs and I both love!

yard stars 4

patriotic decor, outdoor decor for summer, stars on the yard, flour stars, spray paint grass, temporary patriotic decor, what can i use instead of flour on yard

Now, I plan to keep mine out on the 4th and just monitor their staying put power.  The foam should weather just fine outside, I mean these are meant for kids to play baseball with for crying out loud!  But, if I decide to leave them longer, I will just simply use duct tape to tape a small pebble on the bottom side.  So very simple!

Happy 4th y’all!  It’s almost here!









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