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INSPIRE: Crushing On …Birthday Edition

My birthday is just around the corner.  And after a deep, philosophical debate with Dear Hubs about the fact I’m not interested in aging another year (to which he informed me I am aging every day … men!); I can hardly believe it’s time to celebrate once again.  To raise my spirits, I’ve set my sights on a few little here and theres that I’m absolutely smitten with, check them out, won’t you?

I am a candle hoarder  fan.  I adore them.  I have my regular go to scents and I’m thinking both of these need to join the club!  My Bestie S always tells me that there are very few people that truly appreciate a “fine candle” and that she and I are some of those rare souls.  I agree.  I partition my candle stash out into “every day burners” and those that are reserved for a specific mood and such.  These are somewhere in the middle … and so very wonderful!

The Volcano Blue Capri Aloha Blue is just divine.  It seriously smells perfectly floral and full of ocean air but in a not so overwhelming sort of way.  The Avocado and Mint natural soy candle is a new find that I’m head over heels for.  It’s fresh and would be perfect in my kitchen!  (both from

volcano capri aloha blue candle,, candle, favorite scent

avocado and mint candle,, birthday gift idea, favorite scent candle

I’ve been wanting a cute camera strap for my fancy shmancy camera but just haven’t broken down to buy one.  I’m loving the Lilly Pulitzer fabric one I found from Broward Patch on etsy!

lilly pulitzer camera strap

Now, most people think it’s totally strange, but every year some sort of home items creep onto my wish list.  This year is no different.  I am in dire need of a new set of seafood crackers for our low country boils that we adore AND I can’t stop thinking about this s’more pan!  To top it off, I spotted these cute Cuppow Mason Jar lids at my fave lunch spot, Star Provisions, this week with Bestie S.  So smart … yes, please!

crab crackers

s'more pan

cuppow, mason jar lid


Ok, ok … a bit more personal than a s’more pan (for me a s’more is love but I digress ….), I keep going back to my staple Crabtree & Evelyn La Source lotion.  Again, it’s full of ocean aroma and perfectly light.  You see a trend here, right?

crabtree evelyn la source lotion, ocean scent

Oh, and if that isn’t enough … I made this request of Dear Hubs.  I know it’s a long shot but a girl can dream, right?  Apparently Lilly did a promo a few weeks back where if you bought THREE THOUSAND dollars worth of Lilly, you received a paddle board as a gift.  Pinch me, I’m dreaming, I know.  So while I’m sure that THIS paddle board is out of the question … I am considering taking it on as a hobby since we spend so many summer days at the lake.  (((As if I need another hobby???))).

paddleboard, lilly pulitzer

Photo from Lilly Pulitzer

Three cheers  and a couple of candles to celebrate becoming older wiser again this year!






2 thoughts on “INSPIRE: Crushing On …Birthday Edition

  1. Love all your picks. My daughter’s sorority family call the volcano scented candle “their” scent as they all adore it!! I would pick everything on your list. Just FYI, Target now has sets of the mason jar toppers with straws, available for regular and wide mouth. I picked up a few the other day and love them!!

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