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MAKE: Learning Flashcards for Littles {{{Free Printable}}}

I fully realize that the statement I’m about to make will sound like I’m a full on Tiger Mama.  Rest assured, we aren’t that far overboard.  But … we do take education and learning pretty serious around these parts.  Dear Hubs and I are both math nerds at heart and think that one of the best gifts we can give Lil B is to instill in him a love of learning.

Now, we aren’t talking rigorous exercises at his ripe old age of 2 (almost three … eek!) but I do try to make the most of teachable moments.  Lil B was quick to learn his numbers and his colors as a toddler, but I realized he didn’t seem to have 100% recognition of exactly how many seven was or recognizing that the color green was in fact “green”.  {{{And, yes, I’m aware that is totally normal for his age}}}  Intro these cute little cards I whipped up and am pleased to share with you!

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This set of cards has a few great uses and we have tried all of them.

  • Flash through the cards in numeric number to practice counting 1-10 and recognizing the number.
  • Ask your little to point to a number when you call it out.  Re-enforce this by showing the word.  “1” = “one”
  • Ask your little to identify a color when you point to it.  Re-enforce by showing them the word.  The color orange is spelled “orange”.
  • Use Fruit Loops or other small cereal to lay out a specific number of items onto the card with that number.  Place 2 loops on the card that has the number two.  This has proven to double for snack time at our house!
  • Use various household or craft items to match an item to a color.  Ask the child to help you find something pink, for example.

I’ve found several uses for these cards for six months now and I can see how he’s progressed in his own skills over such a short time.  I’m sure it’s due to other factors, but it’s so fun to watch him grow and learn as we do these sorts of activities together.

To make your own set of cards, just download the file here.  Then, cut along the center line to make each card (two cards fit on one standard 8.5 x 11 sheet).  Since Lil B isn’t exactly gentle with these, I took them to Office Max and they were more than agreeable to laminate the cards for me for just a few dollars.  The lamination has saved me reprinting several sets!

Whether your little attends school or stays at home in your loving care, I hope you will give it a try and let me know how these work for you.  Lil B seems to be a fan!





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