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DO: Feeling Like Lilly {[{Pulitzer}}}

It’s summer, the sun is shining, and it’s Friday!


I’m in count down mode for a girls trip with a few of the besties to West Palm.  To summarize where we are at in planning operation WPB: Bestie A is having college flashbacks at the moment except now holding a far larger “pocketbook” than she did in those days (#fab4).  Bestie M is excited that she and I will have a few kid free hours to go shopping in the land of Lilly.  Sweet K didn’t know what she was in store for when she offered to host us clowns.  As for me, the resident cruise director of the bunch (oh like that shocks you, right?), I found my oracle of all things West Palm that I need for the trip and am ready to go!  A quick search of The Juice Stand gave way to a travel guide that will be followed to a tee.  No joke, there may be laminated copies of the itinerary for the gals upon meeting up at the airport!

palm beach travel guide

(((Photo from The Juice Stand, Lilly Pulitzer)))

I love a good beach trip, love these gals and am channeling my inner Lilly Pulitzer for this one!

lilly pulitzer inspiration board, lilly ideas, monograms, west palm, pink and green, prep ideas


Now, with Dear Hubs fishing this weekend with the boys, a little Lilly craft time may be in store!



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