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DO: Check These Out

Happy Long Weekend, Y’all!

I’m kicking off the first day of three days sans work with a big ole’ cup of coffee and then we are heading to the lake.  The “work” for me this weekend is to figure out if it’s possible to wear Spanx with a bathing suit (ugh … I sure wish I had behaved myself with eating the past few days), finding time to get to the grocery for some last minute cookout supplies and find motivation to step away from the water long enough to plant some shrubs around the new backyard patio I shared over here yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday …

I apparently won the blogging jackpot and sweet Marty over at Stroll Thru Life featured my home tour as part of her Show Off and Inspire series.  Commence happy dance.  I’ve read Marty’s blog for years and am inspired constantly by her fantastic ideas and even more so her amazingly positive outlook and encouragement for others.  She is a gem.  Seriously… inspire?  Seriously … flattered!


stroll header

Heathcliff - front doors

Also, as if I could take any more excitement …  Debi at The Spring Mountain Six Pack included my BLT Dip in her Memorial Day Recipe Feature.  It’s easy to make, so there’s still time to include it in your BBQ plans this weekend!



Y’all do be sweet and check them out.  And with that … I’m off to do some last minute chores and then kick this weekend into high gear!










One thought on “DO: Check These Out

  1. Oh I was so thrilled to be able to Show You Off and Brag a little about you on my blog. Can’t wait to see what all you are up to with the new home and I definitely have to make your fabulosu BLT dip. It sounds fabulous.

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