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MAKE: Outdoor Striped Rug on a Budget

When I say “on a budget” … how does a large, generous sized 5×8 outdoor rug for less than $30 sound?

Now I have your attention, don’t I?

DIY tutorial outdoor rug, striped painted rug

We have been hard at work getting our yard in tip top shape for the outdoor season that’s now here.  Trimming hedges, leveling grass, installing french drains for water run off … you know the “not so fun but still has to be done” stuff?  Dear Hubs and I divided and conquered some of these projects and I turned my attention to some of the flower beds as well as taking the porch furniture from our beloved screened in porch and making use of it on a large deck.

To give our new sitting area a cozy feel, I knew I needed a rug.  Now, I’m surprised to even say this, but this is the first time I’ve needed an “outdoor” rug that would be; well… outdoors … with no covering.  I figure even the finest of outdoor rugs can only withstand that abuse for a season or maybe two and a rug of this size would be pricey.  With that, I went to work to find a cost effective alternative (and decide if I even like a rug there in the first place!).  I found a  VERY inexpensive tan rug at Home Depot for $17.  Truth be told, I found these forever ago and apparently hoarded three of them in my stash in my basement (HD still sells them – online only!).  It wasn’t until we moved that I realized two of them were still wrapped in their original packaging!

The rug, while an amazing price, is nothing to write home about aesthetically.  So, I figured what do I have to lose and went to work spray painting stripes on it!  What’s the worst thing that happened … I waste a little spray paint and decide I absolutely must splurge and buy an outdoor rug?

I started by laying the rug flat on the backyard.  Luckily, I did this before the grass had entirely greened and I knew we would be scalping the yard; so any rouge spray paint that hit the grass wouldn’t cause a hissy fit by one, ticked off greenskeeper (aka Dear Hubs).  Next, using basic painters tape, I marked off foot wide sections with the tape.  To get my measures straight all the way across I made a hash mark as I went and noted it with a black sharpie which was easy to spot.  I did this in 4 places across the width of the rug.  To lay the tape, you just simply “connect the dots: and the lines were perfectly straight.

inexpensive DIY outdoor rug on a budget

Now, hot tip … note the weird diagonal lines.  I marked every other section with a diagonal line to remind myself “where to spray”.  That may sound silly, but I tell you what … it saved me from boo boos that can’t be undone!

Once all measured, just start painting.  I used indoor / outdoor antique white spray.  I tried rolling sections as well but honestly it was a disaster!  There is a slight nap to the rug finish and the paint just stuck to that so it looked sponged on no matter how much I applied.  Back to spraying for me.

inexpensive rug DIY, cheap DIY, spray paint

It took a good 4 coats of paint (probably 4 cans total) to get solid coverage on the rug.  When we got to this point, I admitted defeat and told Dear Hubs that either it would “dry better than it looks now” or I would be buying a rug!  The good news is that it did indeed dry better and once the rug completely baked in the sun for a few hours and I removed the tape; the stripes actually looked really good!.

Just a quick move to the deck and I’ve got a good rug to start the season.  And hey … if it doesn’t last … I certainly don’t mind replacing it at this price!

outdoor living space, DIY patio project






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