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DO: Bow Wow Bash

Our sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Colby, celebrated his 7th birthday this past week.  And, as you know, I look for any and all reasons to celebrate fun times; so the fact Colby had a birthday … a special dinner was in order.  Dear Hubs and I invited Colby to join our family when he was just a few weeks old.  He’s a sweet boy who loves to bark at ANYTHING he sees outside, enjoys walks and lounging on furniture like he’s the king.  (((Yes, he looks ticked off in this picture.  Like all the men in my household, he sees me with a camera and the pout face comes out!)))


King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

When we got home from work and school; I set to work to setup a little birthday bash for the guest of honor.

Afternoon snacks took the form of dog bones and little puppies.  I used cookie cutters to cut corn tortillas into dog bones, topped with a little cooking spray and garlic salt, then simply baked for about 10 min.  Cheese slices were cut using a dog shaped cutter.  While Dear Hubs protested that it was “weird” to celebrate eating things that were dog shaped; Lil B (and Colby) didn’t seem to mind.

Dog party, afternoon snack, creative snack, dog theme

Since this was a meal short on time, Lil B and I crafted pizza for dinner.  He’s at the age where he loves to help in the kitchen and I so love that!  I diced the ingredients and he had such fun scattering them all over the pizza.  While we made the pizza, we talked about birthdays and practiced the words to “Happy Birthday” so we could sing to Colby later.  Be still my heart, I want to freeze time at these moments.

toddler dinner, make your own pizza, dinner for kids

We dined outside since the fab spring Georgia weather is in full swing this week.  Our ever so fast and festive table was pulled together with a few on hand supplies.  I procured those felt party hats forever ago at Hobby Lobby and they come in so handy for all sorts of events!

place setting, dog themed party

We sang Happy Birthday to the guest of honor and celebrated with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Even Colby had a sweet treat, topped with a doggie treat!  (((just no chocolate if you do this yourself!)))

dog dessert, dog theme party

dog v3

Colby isn’t much a fan of dog toys but does love a good dog treat.  I whipped up a batch of peanut dog treats for his “gift”.  Yes … in our house, even the dog gets birthday gifts!  Oh lawzie!

homemade dog treats, peanut butter dog treats

After dinner we played outside for a bit and at bedtime, sweet Lil B even thanked Jesus during his prayers for Colby and his birthday.  Oh how I love these moments!






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