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MAKE: Wine Cork Herb Markers

It’s finally looking like spring around these parts.  On a recent lazy Sunday afternoon at Zsa Zsa and Dear Ole Dad’s house; I snapped these pictures of their garden and backyard.  Don’t you just want to sit a spell and doze off listening to the pitter patter of that fountain?

patio fountain


These irises were split from bulbs from my bestie K.  I have a bunch of these as well, but for some reason mine don’t grow this lush and full!

iris garden


And I swear, that azalea is just covered in blooms.  Makes me feel like I’m at the Master’s!

patio flowers

Now that you are ready for a summer porch nap, here’s a cute little crafty that Zsa Zsa whipped up for a shady corner of her patio.  She has an herb garden that runs the length of her back patio, and to mark her herbs, these little markers do the trick.

wine cork herb markers

Taking a wine cork and a wooden skewer (from grocery store), she simply poked a hole in the cork to create a sign marker with handle.  Then, using a permanent marker, she simply wrote the name of the herb and popped that cute thing in the ground.  These have been in her garden for more than one season and they are still looking really great.

herb garden markers

I think I’ll be whipping up a set this weekend for my container herb garden!




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