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Do: Silly Supper Details

Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short as my Dear Ole’ Day would say; but I’m back today to share some of the fun we enjoyed at our Silly Supper on Tuesday.

Our friends arrived promptly since we sent them a proper invitation the day prior to our silly supper.

April Fool's Day Dinner Ideas, Silly Supper

I’m fairly certain the littles didn’t grasp exactly what was in store until they saw the table.  Between the crazy glasses, horns, silly putty and whoopee cushions … there was definitely fun to feast your eyes on.  If that wasn’t enough… I laid the entire place setting out on white craft paper and sprinkled crayons all over the table.  The guests were invited to draw their hearts out as they dined.  That’s music to a little’s ears for sure!

Funny Place Setting, April Fool's Dinner

We dined on silly food that was all sorts of backwards.  Cupcakes for dinner, chicken NOT pie for dessert – what kind of meal is this?

The cupcakes were meatloaf baked into metal bake cups to look like cupcakes.  The “frosting” was compliments of mashed potatoes.  These were a total hit and may become a regular feature on our dinner rotation.  The littles did NOT question the fact the cupcakes were indeed meatloaf and instead gobbled them up as if they were real treats!

Meatloaf and Mashed Potato Cupcakes, April Fool's Day Food

The dessert was another little trick.  I used puff pastry and vanilla pudding to make my individual pies.  Then, at the top of the filling, I added (and pressed in) a few of the peas and carrots I created using Skittles and Starburst.  I must confess … these were super tasty!

April Fool's Day Food, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Not Pie Dessert

Between eating our silly dishes, the table was all giggles thanks to the funny glasses and whoopee cushions.  I swear, if you want a little boy to laugh … give him a whoopee cushion!

We colored on the table and took turns blowing our horns and whoopees until we broke them!  April Fool's Day Dinner Fun Silly Supper Oh what fun our silly supper was, we must do this again!




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