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Do: Celebrate with the Irish

Well Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

I’m back from a whirlwind week Down Under.  That’s right, a short 20 hour flight to and from Australia for a few days of work was my itinerary last week.  Productive for work and fun to see a few sites.  It’s been about 8 years since I was last there and my, it’s just a beautiful place!  I was lucky (see … how I did that … lucky, St. Pat’s?) enough to  go for a jog around the Sydney harbor and take in the sites on foot plus travel down to Geelong outside of Melbourne for a few days.  I snapped all three of these pics while jogging; I feel like that’s a multi-tasked improvement above and beyond walking and chewing gum, right?


I spent a few minutes this morning explaining to Lil B the premise of wearing green today was so as not to be pinched.  Oh goodness… that’s likely a bad idea and his teachers will spend the day warding him away from other littles as he proclaims “I’m gonna get you” in his ever so cute voice.  Between that and their class party this afternoon, those sweet teachers have a big day ahead!

I swear, this little is a tough one to photograph.  Our first attempt had a darling smile, but a blurry shirt.  And let’s face it … the purpose of the pic was to show the shirt.

lucky shirt 2

Once Lil B caught onto my requirement, he did everything from putting his hands over the word to attempting to remove the shirt all together.  Let’s consider ourselves lucky that I was able to snap this one (even if he looks like a ragamuffin!)

Silhouette heat transfer St. Patrick's Day shirt

He’s sporting a shirt I whipped up on the Silhouette machine using the transfer material.  I just printed / cut the design and ironed on… voila, a festive shirt for less than $4 – including the shirt!  You might recall I did something similar for our Disney trip and made him a little red Mickey tee over here.

These cute little baked confections from local Atlanta bakery, The Cookie Studio, arrived in the mail last week as part of my Georgia Crafted box for March.  {{{Georgia crafted makes a great housewarming gift and since I was buying one or two for friends a few weeks ago … I picked up one for myself too! }}}  The little shamrocks are ever so cute and perfectly timed …  I can’t wait to dig into these tonight after dinner!

Cookie Studio Shamrock Cookies

Y’all will be pleased to know that I’ve outdone myself this time, as compared to our meager Mardi Gras fare.  Going in the crock pot shortly is a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner compliments of this recipe over at Skinnytaste.  I’m not exactly what I’d call a “corned beef and cabbage” kinda gal but will attempt because Dear Hubs proclaimed himself a big ole’ fan; and of course it is St. Patrick’s day for crying out loud!


And with that, there’s work to be done, a week to get started and dinner to get into a crock pot!  May the luck of the Irish be with you today!



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