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DECOR: Heathcliff Family Room

It’s been a few weeks since we made the move and slowly but surely we are settling in with new room reveals to come.  For now, let’s take a look at the family room of the Heathcliff house.  This was one of those rooms I seriously picked up and transplanted to the new family room.  Very few changes required and I can’t wait to hear what y’all think!

The floor plan of this  house was very open and the family room was centrally located with a two story great room ceiling.  The room is spacious and gave us tons of square footage for entertaining, lounging and hanging out.

Transitional Low Country Decorating, Family Room Decor

Just like several other rooms, this one received an overhaul last summer.  This time, furniture was in order … and lots of it!  The design expertise of Kim Bray, owner of Bella Cosa Home, was once again in order.  She’s also the owner of a fantastic showroom in Alpharetta, GA called Manoirs.  Check her out on pinterest, too.

What started as a hunt for an oversized, “kid proof” coffee table turned into something so very perfect for our space.  Our scope quickly creeped from the coffee table request to Dear Hubs requiring a leather chesterfield style sofa, too.  One thing led to another and the room found home for not just those two items but 4 club chairs and 2 stools!  Kim was a dream to research, find and install ALL of these items plus a large rug, side table and some accessories.

The tv is tucked away on the bookcase by the windows, and the other is my coastal display of so many accessories that I love.  {{{close up pics over here}}}.  There are so many things about this room I love but the favorites are the grand stacked stone fireplace, the open stairwell down to the terrace level and those huge windows!  The bones of this room are pretty spectacular and a little casual dressing is all that was needed.

Now, sitting here looking at the list of things we did to this space makes me realize what an overhaul this room really was!  My oh my how different this looks compared to the cranberry and gold that graced this room prior!

Neutral Family Room Decorating

As I set up this room in the new Stanford house, it’s wild to me how the exact same furniture and configuration can look oh so different in a different space!  I can’t wait to show you!



Furniture, Accessories and Design: Kim Bray, Bella Cosa Designs


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