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EAT: Burger Cupcakes

Bestie A turned up with these little dolls at a get together some time back and I couldn’t help but snap a quick pic.  Aren’t they just presh?  She made a special order at the bakery for cookout inspired cupcakes and they did her right!  As I (basically touching all of them to get a better analysis) investigated how they were assembled, I was giddy to find that these would be totally do-able in a semi-homeade way.

To assemble, the bakery just sliced the tops off of the cupcakes, filled with chocolate frosting and then piped red, yellow and green (ketchup, mustard and lettuce of course) onto the “burger” of chocolate frosting.  Then, the top of the actual cupcake cake was placed back on top gently with a few sesame seeds for garnish.

Just darling!  And with warm weather and cookouts just around the corner, I’m filing this one under “must try soon!”

Burger Shaped Cupcakes Perfect Dessert for Cookouts



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