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DECOR: Sweet Door Additions

I’m sure my new neighbors thought I was crazy, and Dear Hubs was just the only one forward enough to tell me so …. but I took down our very first set of new wreathes at the Stanford house and replaced with my tried and true Southern Living door buckets filled with green fern.  That’s right, still halfway moved and in boxes, but goodness pie we are on our second set of front door decor!

This weekend, I went to work adding red bows and some cute hearts (all procured at Hobby Lobby on sale) to make the doors feel a bit more festive.  The look is rounded out with some fresh bows for the two guard dogs.

heart shape door decor wreath for valentine's day

If the folks across the street didn’t think I was crazy before, they likely do now.  It’s snowing … yep, that’s the fuzzy stuff on the pic above.  I’m outside in my very finest monogram PJs snapping pics of my front doors … in the snow.  Commit me now, oh lawzie!

I had grand intentions of making some heart shape darlings to go on the doors for Valentines, but well… life happened and I’ve run short on time to create.  Instead, these gals will do in a pinch.  Not too shabby for a quick fix on a teeny tiny budget.

Valentine heart wreath door decor

Better get cracking on the next set of spring beauties before it’s too late!



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