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MAKE: Valentines for Littles

Newsflash … Valentine’s is NEXT week!  Eeek!  Well, I’ll be completely honest … you wouldn’t know it is rapidly approaching by the looks around my house.  I know, I know … I’ve clearly bumped my head by not going over the top to celebrate any old out of the ordinary to the 10,000 degree.  Well, with good excuse I’ve missed the boat of Valentine’s decor.  Between work, packing, moving, Disney … ok, you get it, right?

I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve left to execute so all is not lost.  That said, one decision that must be made asap is WHAT pray tell on earth to do for Lil B’s class Valentines.  I think I’ve got a teacher treat forming in my head, but I just can’t decide on the kiddos.  I can certainly go with a basic candy treat, but I just love doing something a little more out of the ordinary.

Here’s a few inspirational ideas I found on Pinterest and stay tuned to see which direction we actually choose!  Also, I’m a pin junky – so join the fun and follow me on Pinterest.  Just shy of 7,000 pins … and that is no joke!

From top left: (1) Cutie Valentine from (2) You’re All Write from She Wears Many Hats (3) You Make My Heart Glow from Delia Creates (4) I’m Bananas from (5) Main Squeeze from (6) You Blow Me Away from My Sister’s Suitcase

Valentine’s is just a few days away.  How are you celebrating???




4 thoughts on “MAKE: Valentines for Littles

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