DO: Top Ten on ISBMTF



Well helloooooo lovelies!

Today has been super exciting around these parts.  Not only do I have a pretty fun announcement of sorts, but it was also a snow day here in the south.  Lucky for our family, we were all home safe and sound; and here’s wishing safety for all of our friends that were stuck in the snowpocolypse out there.  (We are totally talking about crazy 17 hour commutes, people sleeping in the aisles of grocery stores and children being shuttled home in police cars kind of crazy).  Here’s hoping our sweet city returns to normal real soon.  Proof positive and reason 8,539 why I must live in the south … snow is only fun for me on vacation!  Lordy be,  this is stressful stuff and takes grit to handle more than once every ten years!  (props to you snowbirds out there!).

Now … on with my initial excitement :).

I’m happier than a pig in slop today (yep, that’s a visual you didn’t likely need) because I’m making my debut over at I Should Be Mopping the Floor as a regular contributor!  Wheeeee!  (twirling motion optional).  If you recall, Kristi from ISBMTF provided an opportunity for moi to feature a project on her (ever so fab) site back in December when I shared my Elf Inspired Ornament how to.  And now, I’m back; joining her team each month to share a home decor craft, tip or project.  So exciting!

Scoot on over as fast as your fingers will let you to check out the fun over at I Should Be Mopping the Floor.  Today’s post is a blast from the 2013 past!  Oh the fun ahead with this one … stay tuned!



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