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DO: Disney Treats

Growing up, I’ve been to Disney World no less than 20 times.  We started an at least once a year trek to the mouse when I was around 20 months old and continued the trips well into my teen years.  My family adores Disney.

Given that it’s been about ten “ish” years (cough, cough) since my last visit; I’ve heard a lot has changed with all things Disney.  In my search for education on the ropes for taking a toddler for the first trip, I’ve found countless tips and tricks and am so thankful for all the advice from our friends.

One of the many good ideas that I wanted to be sure to do was to take a small Disney souvenir for Lil B for each day of the trip.  According to friends, park treats are super expensive and my hope was that if I grabbed a few finds ahead of time, I can toss them in my suitcase and given them to Lil B each morning before we start our day.

Disney Toys, Disney Souveniers, DIY Autograph Book, First Trip to Disney

I scored the water bottle and the plush character toys from the Disney store during a sale.  Each was under $5.  I found Disney puzzles, picture frames and other cute trinkets at various discount dollar style stores.  And of course, I’ll be scooping up a glow in the dark sword or stick for the evenings in the park at the dollar store just before we go.

Right now, all of these are being stored in a bucket I created using my Silhouette and I made an autograph book for Lil B too.  More on that one later :).

There are still a few fun details in the works for our trip but goodness me … I hope he has even half the fun I think I’m going to have because I’m so excited!



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