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DO: Dress for Disney

We are just a few short weeks away from our very first Disney trip with Lil B.  I am so thrilled and just can’t wait to see the magic as he experiences it first hand on this special trip.  I’ve been doing my homework for weeks now …

Reservations … check

Magic Bands … check

Fast Passes … check

 Souvenirs … check

Autograph Book … check

and oh so importantly Disney attire … CHECK!

Trip to Disney, Monogram Disney Shirt, Dressing for Disney I set out on a two fold quest a few weeks back.  First, find cute tees for Lil B without breaking the bank so he looks so presh in every pic I snap of him with Mickey and the crew.  Second, convince Dear Hubs to wear matching (tasteful) tees one day.  I know, I know … I swore I would never ever do that once upon a time.  And I stand before you today with that gray vintage Mickey tee in various sizes for a party of seven!  From the grandparents to Lil B … we will all be decked out in our vintage gray tees when we head to the Magic Kingdom!  These were procured before Christmas during a sale at the Disney store.  They made their way under the tree as gifts for the entire crew.

To round out the attire for our trip, I purchased the personalized white tee on etsy from babyandtototoo.  The shop has a ton of Mickey inspired items to choose!  The red shirt is something I whipped up to try my hand at heat transfer with my Silhouette machine.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute.  In fact, I think it will look just darling with the Mickey pants I whipped up when we celebrated Mickey’s birthday.

Make Toddler Pants

Stay tuned as we get ready for the trip for more Disney magic!

Speaking of Disney magic … I saw this article and thought these 33 things you probably didn’t know about Disney were ever so interesting!



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