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DECOR: Keepsake Art

When Lil B started school, the influx of art work seemed to sky rocket.  His toddler class teacher was a pro at arts and crafts and the vast quantity of paper covered in glue, glitter, paint and all sorts of thing attached to it proves the fact.  On one hand, I wanted to keep each piece of prized art.  On the other, I just can’t stand clutter and needed a way to organize it.

keepsake kid art, storage for child art

At the end of the last school year, I collected up the up and coming artist’s work and snapped a picture of each piece.  Then, I arranged the small pictures in basic Powerpoint to create a picture collage.  I am a whiz at Powerpoint for work purposes and found this to be the most comfortable software for me to use for this purpose.  Plus, if you want to do this project yourself … no need to buy fancy software to finish the job!

Once I created my “slide” I saved it as a picture and shipped it off to Costo for oversized printing.  I snagged a frame at Ikea that had a mat included, and presto … my cluttered art collection was organized!

toddler art keepsake

To keep track of the additional art that finds its way home, I took a yard stick and glued simple clothes pins to it every 6-8 inches.  Then, attached two picture hangers to the back of the stick.  Now, I have a place to keep the current pictures until I repeat the picture process above.

I’m sure that eventually with multiple years and multiple kiddos, this will become like our sorority composite pictures.  It was customary that the most recent ones were on display on the main living area of the house.  The ones from semi-recent years filled the hallway on the dorm room level.  And, then once you were “really old” your composite pic was moved to the attic for storage.  Lordy be … I’m fairly sure the pics from my time at ZTA are now holding up shop in that attic.  Seems like only yesterday :).  But, for now, I can’t wait for a few of these art collages to hang and make me smile at the artsy accomplishments of Lil B.



One thought on “DECOR: Keepsake Art

  1. What a GREAT idea!! Been racking my brain with what to do with the boys stuff that just fills up all these empty diaper boxes. Especially this year I want to do something special with my oldest in Kindergarden.

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