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DECOR: The Dining Room

A few days back, I kicked off a little household show and tell with our Terrace Level Rec Room and now I’m back with round 2!  To balance the fun and comfort of the rec room, let’s take a peak over at the formal dining room, shall we?  The color scheme for this room is fairly neutral, all of the colors are warm rich brown, crisp white, pops of black, accents of gold or tan.  Oh wait … and then there is the BLUE.  I fondly refer to this as my blue room now because it houses the predominance of my loved blue and white collections.

Dining Room Decor, Transitional Low Country Design

Now, I know you might be thinking … “Well, that doesn’t look soooo formal?”.  Formality is in the eye of the beholder, right? 🙂  For me, this is as formal as it gets.  We were gifted the traditional Queen Anne style table and chairs years and years ago from my sweet in-laws.  And the china cabinet was the “first real piece of furniture” I recall ever buying.  It’s nothing so super fancy or special but rather is something I hope to always keep simply because I remember stressing so much when I spent the money to buy it (laughable given my shopping habits in hindsight).

Now, when it comes to accessories, I have no shortage of “stuff” on hand.  That’s part goodness and part problem.  After years of looking at my things, I needed an overhaul and a fresh eye to bring this room together.  To give it a great, “finished” look I had the good fortune to meet Kim Bray, owner of Bella Cosa Home designs and get her help.  She’s also the owner of a fantastic showroom in Alpharetta, GA called Manoirs.  Check her out on pinterest, too, I swear I ogle over the things she finds there!

Kim was able to pull from things I had and introduce a few new elements to create a room that I just love.  It’s still “formal” but channels my love for all things southern and low country design at the same time.  Her design brings together some of my favorite things ….

Like my low country oil paintings.  A white heron and a marsh scene fill this corner.  Kim repositioned these two low country paintings to give the corner fullness and life.  I just love the little touches like the starfish bobbled here and there to bring those paintings off the canvas.  Oh .. and point of reference … that chest, yes … that’s one of my “party drawers”.  (((Sidenote, upon packing to move I realized that little piece can hold TWO giant boxes full of paper napkins, cupcake toppers and fun table decor))).

Low Country Oil Painting Decor   Transitional Dining Vingette

My loved collection of blue and white transfer ware pieces are collected in the china cabinet along with a few other precious hand me downs; vintage glass serving dishes and a white serving dish are among my favorite family antiques.  If Kim taught me one thing, she taught me that I should group my like items to give them more grand scale.  She did that here by extending the blue and white of the china cabinet up to the top display.  Love.

Blue and White Transferware

Blue and White Transferware decor

Anything leopard or monogrammed.  The seats to the four side chairs were recently recovered in a blue leopard fabric.  A-MAZE-ING.  I swear, Kim is a woman after my own heart.  We share a love for all things glitter, sparkly and leopard.  Love that leopard.   The two arm chairs flank the china cabinet and sport a script monogram.  They have been that way for a while and I still like them like this.  Since they coordinate, they weren’t recovered.  This is the second time these poor chairs have been monogrammed ….   poor girls won’t even forget their initials :).

Blue Leopard Fabric

And lastly, something funky and unexpected.  The chunky trim on some plain jane navy panels definitely livens things up.  How smart and cost effective is that?  Ready made panels with beautiful trim may be my new go to!  And, these black and gold moon lantern are the epitome of unexpected funky, compliments of Kim’s suggestion and finding.  I swear, when she showed these to me I thought you fill them with ice and serve shrimp in them or something!  Oh lawzie was I wrong.  (((Although… if I ever need a giant shrimp cocktail i totally am prepared!)))

Drapery Fringe on Pre-made Drapes


And with that … our tour is complete.  While most of our entertaining and patter is done in the kitchen / family room or outside on the porch (((or in the rec room))); I just love that we have a formal dining room to serve up Sunday Supper from time to time, host larger holiday meals, create the perfect buffet tablescape for a shower or even force my beloved to just humor me and sit in here from time to time for a meal (((I totally did that at the Black Friday Brunch))).

Hmmm… now what room should we look at next???









  • Designer: Bella Cosa Designs; Kim Bray
  • Table Set: Ethan Allen
  • Side Chest: Bombay Company
  • Panel Curtains: Target plus designer trim
  • Window hardware: Lowe’s
  • Rug: Surya
  • Gold + Black Moon Wall Accessories: Manoirs
  • Art and other accessories: various, from my collection




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