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{{FREE Printable}} MAKE: Inspiration “Always Remember” Bookmarks

As part of a mission project with our Sunday School class at church, we participate in a local program called Backpacks of Love.  It’s an awesome organization that provides backpacks full of necessary food and home supplies (dish soap, laundry detergent, etc) to children at local schools.  It pulled on my heart strings more than a little to learn about the number of children in my local area that without programs like this would go home on the weekend to find bare cabinets and little nourishment for their tiny selves until they return to school to receive breakfast or lunch on Monday.  This program sends the children home with a backpack full of necessary items for the weekend and ensures that their basic needs are met while they are away from school are.  Participating in filling backpacks on a regular rotation was the least that our class could do.

When we started the program, we noodled over ideas to make our backpacks special as well as serve as an opportunity to encourage these children and families.  So, one afternoon, I whipped up this set of three inspired notes that give a child an opportunity to learn of God’s love.  They double as a good size bookmark as well … hey, we all want kids to read too!  Well, our attempt to “make it our own” was busted up shortly after the creation of the bookmarks.  Since the program works with the public school system, we were asked to refrain from including anything personal beyond the basic supplies.  I suppose I can understand and respect that.

So instead, my little notes made their way to the mailboxes of a few sweet friends and I’m working on another set to share with Lil B’s Sunday School class as well.  I think they are so fun, childlike and full of meaning.

free printable bookmark

These sweet reminders aren’t reserved for littles alone.  When I’m not reading on my iPad, I use one of these for my books.  They are just the bees knees.  Now, I’d be amiss if I didn’t share these goodies with you too!  Feel free to print a set or five and share with folks.  Next time you give a book as a gift … how cute to add some special bookmarks with it?  (Note to self …don’t forget to do that!)

Just simply click here to download your own copy.  I printed mine in full color on card stock and they are just the right weight for a marker.  You could laminate them too if you want to preserve them a bit more.

Now, to hit that resolution of “reading more” stat!



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