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Do: New Year’s Eve

Happy 2014, y’all! We have spent a restful day doing a whole mess of nothing, which is plenty fine with me! Last night, we celebrated the last few moments of 2013 splendor with a hibachi dinner with friends followed by some libations for the bigs and littles alike.


For years, Dear Hubs and I did the big party thing on NYE, but I must confess I do love this new style of celebrating possibly more!

While the bigs celebrated with wine and champagne, the littles toasted with festive milk and cupcakes. They seriously came up with the toasting thing all themselves. Too cute!


New Year's Eve toast for kids milk with sprinkles

The little libations were simply put together by dipping disposable wine glasses I picked up at Publix in white chocolate (melted in microwave for 1 minute) then generously covered in sprinkles. Each of the littles loved their sprinkle milk and I will have to remember this for other special gatherings!

And with that, I’m starting my not so new resolution of living a more organized life by packing a few boxes while I wait for the collards and hopping john to finish cooking on the stove. It just wouldn’t be New Years without this meal! Here’s to a restful start to 2014 with our traditional, southern feast and football on tv!

Cheers y’all!


One thought on “Do: New Year’s Eve

  1. I loved the idea for the littles. We don’t partake of the ferminted drink, but the rimmed glasses with egg nog or choco-milk is perfect. Thanks for the idea, guys.

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