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MAKE: All That Glitters

Is it obvious I’m just smitten with gold and glitter this year?  I swear, glitter is just in my veins but I must promise you I do find a way to keep it classy (or is that “klassy” with a K in this case?) and always pair it with sophisticated elements that make it look unique and fun.

DIY canvas for Christmas decorating


I hopped on the reindeer silhouette trend with the rest of you this year and made a small canvas with a glittery gal all my own.  To make, I followed the same instructions I described for the other glitter crafts and simply cut double sided adhesive paper to the shape of the reindeer silhouette, affixed it to the canvas and then shook on some fancy, gold glitter.  To ensure that I don’t find glitter all over my home, I clear coat finished the canvas.  I must confess, I was worried that I would ruin things with the clear coat but to my surprise … not the case.

glitter glamorous reindeer silhouette canvas

Then, with a larger burlap canvas that I had procured at the Hobby Lobby without a plan (but knowing it was too good to pass up), I set to work to make another with the words from “Oh Holy Night”.  I knew this would just be perfect on the antique chest where my keepsake nativity sits.  This process was a bit more tedious because I had to ensure that all the “i’s” were dotted and the “t’s” were crossed.  That said, it still took about 30 minutes to complete :).

Oh Holy Night Canvas for Christmas

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