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Lil B is headed to see the greatest guy I know from the North Pole on Wednesday.  Much thought goes into this visit.  Along with many of my gal pals in Atlanta, we sign up for a lottery to see THE Santa at Phipps Plaza all the way back in August.  It does feel a bit strange to be registering for such activities while wearing shorts and flip flops!  Then, come September, we each receive our email invitation to make a reservation.  Lordy be, when that message comes in, I RUN (don’t walk) to get a “good” reservation slot.  The upside to all of this madness is that you wait only a few short minutes to see the big guy himself.

Now, last year was what some might think of as an epic Santa fail, but I’ve chalked it up to tears that will one day be funny when he’s older.  I mean we are talking full on meltdown at the sight of the big guy!  Red faced and screaming, Santa held onto Lil B with all his might to ensure that I got the full length video that I paid for, bless his heart!

Santa Visit List

Given that fantastic performance, I’ve been prepping the concept of Santa with our now two and a half year old Lil B.  I’m still not certain any amount of prep will keep us from having a repeat performance.  All that said, I thought one good distraction would be to have a list to review with the big guy.  I’m not sure why, but the thought of holding something felt a bit comforting?  To aid in my quest for a solid Santa visit (ok … I realize how helicopter mom that sounds!), I created this printable and am thrilled to share with you!  Just click to download your own.  I used a black Sharpie to fill in Lil B’s list.

For our Christmas gifts, I’ve started a tradition of diversifying the load.  While toys are divine, it’s good practice that Lil B realize it’s about more than just “stuff I want”.  We divide up our list and ask Santa for:

  • Something I need
  • Something to keep
  • Something I want
  • Something to do
  • Something to give

I know as he gets older, the something to give will be important and get even more creative.  This year, Lil B (with some help from moi) agreed that we would ask Santa for some new shoes, a keepsake book, some Thomas the Train engines, tickets to the circus and some toys for other boys and girls.  That sounds like a pretty good list if you ask me!

Have you been naughty or nice?  Don’t cheat … Santa knows!




One thought on “DO: Santa List {{{FREE Printable}}}

  1. Love the list, especially the categories. In the early years, we wave to Santa and just say hello everywhere we see him before our real trip to Santa so he is not such a stranger.

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