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MAKE: Fun mini Thanksgiving hats

Interesting little fact, those Pilgrims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving really did wear “pilgrim hats” which are also called capotain, cockel or traveller hats (oh … the power of wikipedia!).  This year, I’ll be hosting my family for Thanksgiving dinner and these fun little hats will be waiting on our guests just in time for a pre-dinner cocktail hour.

mad hatter style party hats for thanksgiving, pilgrim hat indian headdress

Inspired by the darling Mad Hatter Tea Party hats that RHOBH star Taylor wore at her daughter’s birthday party, I whipped up a festive and fun Thanksgiving version.  I must confess, the big hot glue gun blister burn on my left thumb, was every bit worthwhile when I saw how presh these little cuties turned out.

To make your own, you will need….

  • Styrofoam cups
  • Foam sheets (available in the craft area of your fave craft store) – I used orange, black and yellow
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Craft feathers (I swear … the feathers really made these tops!)
  • Ribbon for hat bands
  • head bands (you can buy a set of 3 for .99 cents at the grocery store!)

And after some trial and error, I found the best method for you to follow is ….

DIY tutorial for mad hatter mini hats

  1. Start by using your craft knife to cut the top rim off of your styrofoam cups.  You will use both pieces so don’t toss them as scrap!
  2. Using the black foam and the base part of the cup (not rim) make a template to cover the entire cup with black foam.
  3. Attach foam to cup using hot glue.  Trim any stray odd corners from the foam.
  4. Use the rim of the cup to trace a circle template that is as large as the outside of the rim.  Use glue to apply the circle to the top of the rim.  You are making a flat disk basically and this will serve as the brim of the hat.
  5. Using the same method of step 2+3, cover the side of the cup rim piece with black foam.
  6. Attach the thin hat brim (rim of cup) to the larger piece of the cup.  Make sure the black disk (step 4), is IN BETWEEN the two pieces of cup (main part of cup – disk – rim) and not on the bottom.
  7. Add a piece of ribbon to the seam of the two pieces that you just attached.  This will cover any messy glue and serve as the band on your hat.
  8. Use a coordinating piece of foam to cut a small buckle by cutting a square or rectangle.  Attach the buckle over the ribbon.
  9. Add feathers to the corner of the buckle.
  10. Finally, flip the cup over and attach it to the head band using additional glue.  I applied some in the middle of the head band and some tilted on the side for fun.  Let dry completely.

Voila … your cute hats are ready!  I also whipped up a few Indian headdresses as well following a combo of the steps above (steps 1, 4,5,7,9 and 10).

Right now, these hats are sitting in a big basket in my dining room, I’m sure everyone will get a big kick out of them on turkey day!  Tis the season, y’all!


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