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CRAFT: PSA – Dried Up Chalk Paint Fiasco

Consider this a crafty public service announcement and my good deed of the day :).  I am about knee deep in two tons of craft projects right now and cannot wait to finish some of these up to share with you.  The list is long and distinguished but unfortunately not complete :).

In the midst of my crafting, I reached for my Annie Sloan chalk paint.  You see, I have a few cans on hand left over … yes, again … this isn’t hoarding.  The Ocree color has been slapped on more items than I care to mention over the years and the can itself shows the love of the painted life it lives.  I had a last minute crafty need for a dab of this gem one evening recently.  To my dismay, I (with the jaws of life) opened the can and found that the remaining paint was ALL DRIED UP.  What’s a crafty gal to do?

You can kind of tell in this pic … newsflash, a paint brush would stand up in cement but should not do so in paint!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Desperate times (late evening with no store options close by) called for desperate measures (read – try anything because it is junk otherwise).    I took my loved little can to the kitchen sink and put about 1/2 cup of good ole tap water in with the paint.  Then, I stirred with all my might.  After a minute, the paint was diluted and worked perfectly.  I must confess, it actually covered BETTER than it did in it’s original form … who knew!


So good news for that old chalk paint … it can be good as new again!



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