Halloween / Littles

Do: Happy Halloween, Y’all!

Well, y’all … I suppose the first order of business is to wish you a really swell day … er, I mean HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Can you even believe it’s already the end of October?  We have lots of fun going on around these parts today but thought that since I won’t have party pics to share until after the soiree that I’d pass along the cutest little photo shoot we did last weekend in our Halloween costumes.  Lil B and his pals have themed costumes this year and are all dolled up in the very finest of the 1950’s Grease attire.  We slicked back the hair on Lil B and his BFF W to be the cutest little greaser to walk the planet.  Sweet baby girls L, LB and VK were our very own pink {poodle} ladies and big sis AL and brother M rounded out the crew of Grease Lightning.

We took this pint size pack to the Varsity last Saturday and literally took the place by storm.  You would have thought the Kardashians were in the house with as many cameras as we had tailing these kids.  And while it was virtually impossible to get all the “talent” to pose at the same time … here’s a few of my fave snaps of the little Grease troops.  Bestie M is convinced we are going to give the photo shoot one more go before the Halloween party this afternoon.  Oh Lawzie ….

And, of course … I hope you and yours have a terribly fun, not so frightful and ever so safe Halloween today!

The Varsity in Atlanta, Grease Halloween Costumes



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