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MAKE: Fast and Easy Door Plaque

How about a craft in under 10 minutes?  Maybe even 5 minutes?  Impossible you say?  On the contrary … you just haven’t crafted bianca style!

Isn’t this little sign cute cute?  She’s presently hanging on my front door knob and I’ve got a few more ready to go for hostess gifts this month.  To make, I bought the polka dot plaque at the craft store (yes, I should own my own Hobby Lobby franchise or something … I know) for a few bucks on sale.  Using my acrylic paint pens, I just added my cute little saying.  I suppose “It’s Fall Y’all” has become my theme around these parts!  I swear, a good sorority girl is a wizard with a paint pen from all that practice we had for 4 years.  ZLAM 🙂



One thought on “MAKE: Fast and Easy Door Plaque

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