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{{Fab Friday}} DO – A Proper British High Tea

Happy Friday, y’all.  I know everyone is ready for the weekend and I personally can’t wait for a few events this weekend.  A fun progressive style dinner hopping restaurants in Roswell with friends is planned tonight, followed by football watching and an intimate wine dinner tomorrow night and then rounding out the weekend with church and the lake on Sunday are all on deck.  You know what they say, objects in motion stay in motion …. (thank you Newton for that!).

I have the good fortune to travel a bit for my day job and was recently in London.  I just love London and I swear I do my very best (read: terrible) Downton Abbey Queens English speak every time I’m there (to the misfortune of those around me).  On my last visit, my sweet parents Zsa Zsa and Pops (their grand names and if you met her she’s a total Zsa Zsa) happened to be in tow for their very own first trip to Europe and vacation to London.  I stayed on for an extra day after my meetings and played the role of tour guide for these two.

I thought what better to treat them to a welcome celebration in London that to offer a proper High Tea.  After all, it would be a cruel joke to experience London and miss out on such a divine celebration of all things culture, refined and oh so British!  After pouring through reviews online and learning more than my share about the history of the ritual; I selected the opulent Lanesborough Hotel.  Conveniently located in the Knightsbridge area and just a stones throw from Harrod’s, I knew my selection couldn’t be beat when I learned it was a St. Regis property AND had been awarded various Best Tea in London awards since 2009.  SOLD.

Check out these pictures and get inspired by the beautiful flowers, place settings and delish nibbles.  The tea wasn’t bad either, I toasted my glass of champagne and probably drank an entire pot of Oriental Rose tea.  The combination of floral and green tea was just stunning.  I’m thinking a ladies tea may just be in order come this holiday season … commence planning now!

The flowers in the hotel were nothing short of divine! Oh how I wish I had a big round table in my foyer for something that grand!

As if the grand dining room with amazing crystal chandeliers wasn’t enough to tell us this was going to be special, the tea service was off the charts perfection.  The cream colored china with gold rim and the classic silver pot; each touch was to die for!  Note the sassy bar cart tucked away just next to our table …. hmmm… inspiration for my own bar cart?  Maybe!

And what inspiration post would be complete without some snaps of the food.  Grand and as delicious as they look.  The strawberry macaroons were so very interesting and out of this world!

I’ll leave you with a fun Friday fact:  In the 19th century, tea had grown in popularity.  It was also common for people in that time to eat two main meals during the day; breakfast and then a late supper around 8 pm.  The 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna, is given credit for a solution when mid-afternoon hunger pains strike.  She would indulge on a light snack and a pot of tea in her private boudoir to tide herself over until dinner, and afternoon tea was established.  How divine!

And so with those pics, I hope you have a FAB Friday and feel inspired for something GRAND this weekend!



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