{{FREE}} Printable: Creating Bianca

life - blue

George Bernard Shaw is attributed with the inspiring quote above.  Well, Mr. Shaw, I’d agree.  You see, for me, I’ve spent the past (cough, cough) thirty (just go with it) years on this life journey.  Progressing through stages and phases and always aspiring for achievement of that “next thing”.  Thankfully, on that journey, I’ve been blessed and have great peace and satisfaction with the creation that God has guided and created.

The realization that where I’m supposed to be, what I am supposed to do and ultimately WHO I am supposed to be is that I’m the same me I’ve always been and each day, week, year I’m not supposed to “find” myself but rather “create” the next chapter is an inspired way to look at this precious gift called life.

I’ve whipped up a quick printable to share for FREE this morning and I plan to print her off and add it to my office pin board real soon.  To download your own copy, just simply right click and save one of the two images below.  Or, you can download both using the link below and saving as a pdf.

Create A Life

life - blue

life - pink

Just simply print the color you prefer and trim down to the preferred size.  In a cute small frame on a dressing table, as a gift enclosure card or as an encouraging note to yourself or teen, I can think of a few great ways to put this to use!

As a silly aside, I’ll go ahead and answer the question “why being Bianca?” and “who is Bianca?” .  Well, when I was in high school, I had a fab bunch of girlfriends (affectionately known as the Babysitters Club) and for some silly reason or other we all had nicknames.  There was Lourna, Bambi, Lele, Jeel (phonetic since I have no clue how to spell it) and many more.  And then there was me … Bianca.  I think Lourna is the one that first called me that and it stuck.  To this day, Bianca gets Facebook messages, text and I’m pretty sure last time we were all together I was only called by that name all night.  And so with that, here’s to creating and being bianca!



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